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A Fully-tailored Bespoke Fire Alarm System Design, Installation & Commissioning Service

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A professional fire alarm installation service by a trusted Norfolk company.

  • Full range of systems available from simple conventional/twinwire systems through to multi-panel networked addressable systems, beam detection, linear heat detection and VESDA systems.
  • Fire alarm as fitted drawings completed, fire alarm zone plans created

A suitable fire alarm system is essential for protecting life and property and is necessary in most buildings to ensure that building occupants are alerted to a fire situation as early as possible.

Choosing a dedicated and competent supplier to design and install your fire alarm system is paramount to ensure that the system is tailored to the specific risks in your premises, is optimised to provide the earliest possible warning of fire to all occupants and is compliant with current legislation and installation codes of practice.

Norfolk Fire Solutions Ltd offers a comprehensive design, installation, commissioning and maintenance package for all fire detection systems. We work with industry-leading equipment manufacturers to ensure that we can provide world-class fire safety systems which utilise the latest technologies to keep you, your employees and your property safe

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